Safe Neuromuscular Blockade and Reversal in the Perioperative Setting

About This Initiative

In this educational initiative, expert faculty address barriers to achieving safe and effective moderate to deep neuromuscular blockade and reversal in the perioperative setting. Patient cases are used to provide real world patient management strategies for addressing issues related to neuromuscular blockade and reversal and patient monitoring.

On-Demand Activity

In this interprofessional activity, expert faculty will use patient cases to develop strategies for identifying and monitoring patients who may have residual neuromuscular blockade (rNMB) and apply a neuromuscular blockade (NMB) reversal strategy that incorporates objective monitoring techniques to determine depth of neuromuscular blockade. Application of strategies to improve interprofessional communication during patient handoffs across the continuum of care to facilitate selection of the most appropriate reversal agent and dose for reversal of NMB will also be discussed.

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