Volunteer to Test-Drive CE

ASHP Advantage is always interested in practitioners testing our CE activities before they go live. This helps us ensure that they provide the correct hours of CE for practitioners and meet the learning objectives.

Would I be a good volunteer?
We are looking for volunteers most like the people who will eventually take the CE activities for credit (general practitioners). Experts in the field are not appropriate since their responses will not demonstrate how an average practitioner might interpret and respond to the test.

What would I have to do?
We will ask you to complete the CE program, take the test, and answer questions pertaining to the clarity of the test or any problems you encounter with the program overall. Additionally, we ask that you record how long it takes you to complete the program, to help us to determine the proper amount of CE credit to assign.

How long will this take me?
Most CE activities require two to three hours. As a volunteer tester, we will ask that you send us an e-mail with the test answers and your comments regarding program clarity and time expenditure. As a volunteer you do not need to commit to doing all activities.

How much time do I have, once I agree to participate?
In general, we ask that you complete a CE program in 10 days.

How do I benefit from volunteering?
You will receive free continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit for completing the program and the test. Instructions on how to obtain your CPE credit will be emailed to you when the program is made available to the public. In addition, for each program you test, you will receive an eBook of your choice from ASHP’s Digital Publications.

This sounds great! How do I sign up to volunteer?
The volunteer coordinator will contact you via e-mail to ask if you are available for a particular program. If you are available, the program will be e-mailed to you as either a weblink for online CE programs, or as an article/document.

If you are interested in volunteering to field test upcoming CE activities, please complete a brief questionnaireExternal Link.



Looking for on-demand CE to complete while you are on-the-go? ASHP Advantage CE podcasts are available on a number of topics. Podcasts also feature interviews with faculty and other pharmacy leaders about important therapeutic and practice issues.


ASHP Advantage publications provide an additional learning opportunity for pharmacists and other health care professionals. Education is provided on topics including REMS, VTE, inhaled anesthesia and more.